About the Photo Contest  “Integrity through my lenses”

In the frame of the Week of Integrity, The Ministry of Justice, supported by the Delegation of the European Union to Albania, and paired up with its Integrity Week core Partners ICC Albania and the Embassy of Netherlands, organizes the first national photo competition dedicated to promoting models of integrity in the society. Art is a powerful tool and this is the reason why we want to use it to see the citizen’s perspective on anti-corruption initiatives and integrity.

This competition aims to see raise awareness on integrity models and their importance, by de-normalizing corruption practices. Participating photographs should present and provide their approach on the topic while emphasizing its importance.

Photographs can also show activities, commitments, efforts, traditions, campaigns in defense of integrity, whether they are massive or simple efforts. Photographs can cover aspects such as  transparency issues, service providing good/bad models, inspiring people/moments or situations.

Winning photos should be powerful in message and creativity.

A. Terms and Conditions

  1. The photo competition is open to all photography lovers and/or engaged citizens, individuals living in Albania, male or female, aged 16 and the theme of the competition is “Integrity through my lenses”.
  2. The photos should be taken for the purpose of this contest.
  3. You can send photos taken from any camera, or video camera, mobile phone, DSLR, tablet, iPad, GoPro, etc.
  4. The photos should be sent until 27 November to the e-mail address: [email protected].
  5. Photos should include:
    • Short description with the subject of the photo (as title)
    • Name of participants, age, and hash tags #integritythroughmylenses
  6. Records should capture / highlight one of the following descriptions:
    • Integrity in service-providing agencies
    • Institutional practices and transparency
    • Evidencing and condemnation of corruption practices in the society
    • Inspirational Models and situation.
  7. All the pictures will be posted to Facebook or Instagram. The participants should like the Ministry of Justice page and Instagram account before submitting their photo.

B. The prizes

A panel consisting of a representative from each of these agencies: Delegation of the European Union to Albania, Ministry of Justice, ICC Albania, Embassy of the Netherlands and A2CNN will select the winners, after careful consideration.

The decision of the board of judges will be added to that of the public, that will be decided through likes in social media (Facebook and Instagram).

The finalists and the winning photos will be printed and exhibited outdoors for one week in a public spot  such as: Skanderbeg Square or National Gallery for a week.

A short ceremony will be held outdoors with the participants , the jury and other invited partners. The winning photos will also be posted online through social networks, or the websites of the Ministry of Justice and the Delegation of the European Union to Albania, Winners will be notified by email, or phone call, or registered mail.

C. Copyright

The ownership of the photos stays with the Ministry of Justice and the Delegation of the European Union to Albania.
However, the name of the photographer will be mentioned always when the relevant photograph will be re-produced, published, auctioned, broadcast and any form of their use.