Integrity is everyone's responsibility

Integrity is one of the key pillars of political, economic and social structures and thus essential to the economic and social well-being and prosperity of individuals and societies as a whole. [OECD]

Acting with integrity means: doing what you have been appointed for and being able to account for what you do. An ethical organization is an organization that promotes ethical behavior practices to the people and organizations it works with. It is an organization that is trusted, both internally and externally.

Respect for human rights is a key vehicle through which all type of organizations can help achieve the broader vision of peaceful and inclusive societies embraced by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Fighting corruption within the private sector, public sector or elsewhere is a progressive and incremental process. It requires strong commitment from top management and leaders. And it requires high-quality and systematic organization to ensure that anti-corruption efforts become an integral part of the corporate culture, at all levels. Corruption threatens the integrity of markets, undermines fair competition, distorts resource allocation, destroys public trust and undermines the rule of law.

Reason for us to organize the Week of Integrity, taking place each year 1-10 December. The Week of Integrity will stand as a national awareness-raising campaign where collective action is anticipated as a leverage to draw attention on the importance of integrity and to promote ethical behavior not only in business, but also in the governmental bodies, academia and NGOs.

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Corporate Governance Index 2022



2015 – 2020

Week of Integrity starts 1 December 2022

It is time for Public Integrity

Businesses, individuals and non-governmental actors need to uphold public integrity and to not tolerate corruption of any form.

More impact together

Government, business and social organizations together draw attention for the importance of integrity. The campaign wants to promote ethical behavior, in the workplace and in the boardroom.

Is your organization already a partner?

Every organization can participate. This way we reach as many people as possible together. Integrity is everyone’s responsibility. Participating is free.