The Week of Integrity, an initiative of ICC Netherlands, is a national awareness-raising campaign on the importance of business integrity, which ICC Albania aims to embrace and adopt in Albania.

The Week of Integrity stands as a national awareness-raising campaign where collective action is anticipated as a leverage to draw attention on the importance of integrity and to promote ethical behavior not only in business, but also in the governmental bodies, academia and NGOs.

The goal of the ‘’Week of Integrity’’ is to draw attention on the importance of integrity by promoting ethical behavior not only in business but in the workplace, as well with the governmental bodies and social organizations being active players.

The Week of Integrity wants to stimulate the debate about what integrity means in practice for organizations and individuals. What can we expect from employees, officials and directors? But also, what is the responsibility of politicians? What do companies have to do, within Albania, but also abroad if they do business internationally?


The Week of Integrity will take place each year from 1 to 10 December. The conference date of the Week of Integrity will be announced soon. You can find more information about this on this website under Conference session.

Partner meetings

In the run-up of the Week of Integrity, a number of network meetings are being organized with all partners. An excellent opportunity to get to know each other, exchange experiences and gain inspiration. You will find the latest news about the network meetings under News.

What is integrity?

A person with integrity maintains norms and values, even when they are under pressure from outside. You take responsibility for your own actions, and you are accountable for your behavior. If rules are missing or unclear, then you judge and act in a morally responsible manner, based on generally accepted social and ethical standards.

But what does integrity mean in practice? And when are you as an organization or as an individual with integrity or not, and who or what determines that?

This initiative wants and aims to promote the debate about the meaning of integrity.

About the initiator

ICC, the International Chamber of Commerce, is committed to a good climate for international business and fair competition. Since the 1970s, ICC – the world business organization – has been taking the lead in promoting and ensuring integrity in international business. As the first business organization to publish anti-corruption rules, ICC remains at the forefront of the development of ethics, anti-corruption and corporate responsibility advocacy codes and guidelines.

ICC is a representative of the business community in international anti-corruption initiatives, including the OECD and the United Nations. ICC not only denounces corruption, but also develops measures and standards to combat it.

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