“Albania and the process of European Integration – 30 years towards democratization”.

As part of the activities organised during the Week of Integrity, the conference will cover various topics, including: integrity, human rights, media, education system and its role in promoting integrity and human rights, as fundamental values in a democratic society, in view of the European integration of the country.
This conference is held at a time that coincides with several important dates such as: The Youth Day (December 8th), International Day against Corruption (December 9th) and International Day of Human Rights (December 10th).

Who will attend?

Guest speakers will be representatives from the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth, Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Albania Council of Europe Office in Tirana, professors from Albania and abroad and a journalist from Deutche Welle.


Dec 08 2020


09:00 - 14:00
ISE -Institute of European Studies


ISE -Institute of European Studies