Policy Paper “Digitalization, performance evaluation of the central and local administration, salary increase and the relationship with corruption”.

This is presented as part of civil society initiatives, which aim to contribute to good governance and the prevention of actions that orient access corruption by approaching the aspects of local fiscal management and accountability as a continuous process in simulating and moving towards legal processes that standardize behavior and procedures with commitments for European integration of the country. The format of the activity will be a meeting with participants invited to dialog with our experts. The working language will be in Albanian. Objective of this activity is to present the general state of the digitization instrument and the performance of the central and local administration, starting from the political decision to increase the salaries of the administration up to the level of 30%, the process of performance analysis by institutions and employee payment by performance accountability, as a strong monitoring mechanism in function of good governance and efficient management of taxes collected and debts received by the government.

Target Group: CSOs, local community, civil experts, young graduates, local community, institutions, lawmakers


Dec 12 2023


11:00 - 12:00


Rogner Hotel, Tirana