Project: “NO to Corruption, Yes to Democracy” – implemented from AHC, financially supported of Swedish Government.

“#HR Matters” Awareness raising campaign online and offline – 10 December. Through the engagement of the network of correspondents, with the aim of impacting directly the local communities/informal groups of the citizens at base, we plan to realize an awareness raising campaign at the city of Shkodra. At least 1 round of awareness campaign in the format of half a day talk shows will be organized with the participation of at least 45 citizens. These talk shows with be a medium for raising awareness and fostering debate, on the role of key institutions working on anti-corruption. These activities, in order to raise their publicity and attention, will be held during the “Integrity Week”, with close partnership with central institutions such as the Ministry of Justice, HIDDACI and SPAK. The participants will be persons involved previously in the pre-testing methods used by the network of correspondents, and focal representatives of the prominent local NGOs in the respective cities. Also based on the good partnership previously established with the Ministry of Education, AHC will network closely with the high schools in the cities, with the aim of involving the students in the raising awareness campaigns. Such campaigns will be broadcasted in short TV chronicle by local/national TV and at the social media of AHC.

Target Group: 45 citiziens of Shkodra


Dec 10 2023


08:00 - 18:00




Albanian Helsinki Committee