Week of Integrity Conference 2023

Albania is now working at high speed towards its EU accession process by negotiating
the 35 different policy fields or chapters. Having already held the final screening
meetings for chapters under cluster one and two in 2023, the Albanian policymakers are
progressing on the remaining four remaining clusters.

But the EU accession process cannot be a mere institutional, legal or regulatory
programme, but also a socio-economic development agenda for the country where all
actors need to have their say and contribution.

‘’Collaborating for the accession to the EU: Reinforcing integrity through partnerships
and good governance’’ will be the main theme of the Conference of the 5 th edition of the
Week of Integrity in Albania which is going to take place 1-10 December 2023.

The Conference will be a half-day event including interventions by political leaders,
policymakers, representatives of private sector, civil society, academia and other actors
on how to build stronger partnerships and manage governance aspects at all levels
around the national agenda of the EU negotiation process.


Dec 04 2023


08:00 - 14:00


Marriott Hotel Tirana
Arena Stadium Tirana


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