When to use the toolkit?

Use the Integrity Week logo only during or prior to the Week from 1 to 9 December. Also use the logo only under the following conditions. The organization that uses the logo organizes an activity during Integrity Week to draw attention to the importance of ethical behavior. The organization has registered with the project organization, which can be reached via [email protected] , and has received confirmation of this. The logo is never linked to a commercial activity or to sell products / services. The logo is not a hallmark. Over time, the toolkit is supplemented with new, additional material; partners receive notification of this.

You will find the following materials in the toolkit

(Where applicable, the material will be updated in the course of 2018).

  • The Logo Week of Integrity
  • Logo Week of Integrity
  • Testimonials
  • Pictures for social media expressions
  • Banners for your website
  • Movie
  • Brochure Doing business fairly, without corruption


A questionable declaration

Your supervisor submits a declaration of 200 euros for a dinner and evening out with a professional relationship. The paperwork is in order, and the amount falls within the limits applicable within your organization. Your supervisor’s spouse will arrive later that day. You will hear him speak extensively about the wonderful evening he and his lover had yesterday. Do you handle the declaration or do you make a report?

A truck full of perishable cargo stands still before the border

A transport company that mainly provides goods transport by truck in Central and Western Europe must deliver a load for the first time to a far Eastern European country. The driver, who drives alone, does not speak the language and is told at the border that he has to wait three days. If he explains that he cannot wait that long, because his load will rot, the customs officer will indicate that he can continue driving for 150 euros. As a legal assistant, the truck driver will call you for advice. What do you say: pay or not pay?

A tender with a after taste

At a meeting you are the first to enter the meeting room. On the table are a number of prints from the meeting that took place before about a tender for a large project where an acquaintance from your football team competes. When cleaning up, your eye falls on the (only) competitor’s offer. You see that the company of your knowledge scores better in all areas. A week later, the competitor still wins the tender. Would you report this? And do you inform your knowledge?

A manager in need

You are about to win an order of more than 100,000 euros. All agreements have already been made, but there still needs to be signed. Your supervisor, with whom you always work well, calls you with the message that the management team wants to dismiss him based on his sales figures. He asks you to record the income from the contract for the quarter that ends that day. You know that your customer is on vacation and there is no possibility to sign the contract today. There is no doubt about the certainty of the assignment. Will you help your boss out?