7 December 2023

ICC Albania in cooperation with CIPE commissioned a research on the legal and regulatory framework of Foreign Direct Investments in Albania and trends in the European Union area and globally.

Countries have various policy instruments at their disposal to regulate foreign direct investments (FDIs) on their territory, including the full or partial prohibition of foreign investment in certain sectors of the economy. These restrictions may reflect national security concerns of host countries. Most policy attention and activity related to the protection of essential security interests is currently concentrated on acquisition- and ownership-related policies, and in particular investment screening mechanisms (ISM).

ICC Albania in cooperation with CIPE commissioned a study in this area which was launched and presented on December 7th, 2023 during the 5th edition of the Week of Integrity in Albania.

This White Paper discusses the latest developments and trends in investment screening mechanisms (ISM) at the international level, with a particular focus at the EU level.

The document has the following key goals:
(1) To set the grounds for the professional and transparent discussion on investment screening mechanisms at the national level;
(2) To introduce the EU Regulation 2019/452 provisions and facilitating the understanding of its impact in the current and future national legislation on FDIs.

Read here the Whitepaper